Bluerad is proud to announce our Blueproof product. Blueproof is the world’s first, proven, fastest, powerless, self-activating and self-targeting fire protective device. A revolution in fire safety, it can be fitted to any central heating system (including U.S. steam systems) to offer better protection than a conventional sprinkler system at a fraction of the cost.

To see how the device works check out our presentation on How it fits and works or our presentation to the FEU(Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations) on YouTube.
Both videos can also be viewed right here.
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  1. Steve Burke
    Steve Burke says:

    Here’s a short film we made of a test we carried out on one of your devices. Perhaps not the most realistic of tests, but we found lots of our clients were sceptical as to how long the nozzle would discharge.

    We found it activated for over 30 minutes in a 5 radiator system charged at 1.1 bar.

    • Steve Burke
      Steve Burke says:

      Should have added we were hitting a wall 3 meters away for the first 5 minutes or more, dropping to around 2 meters for the remaining 20+ minutes

      We obviously had no continuous burn during this demonstration.


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