Meet The Team

Dave Atkinson

Dave Atkinson

CEO & Technical Director

For 6 years he was the UK’s Health Safety Executive (HSE) Technical expert on offshore oilrigs. Before that, he was responsible for the design and development of active fire protection systems for BP, Shell, ExxonMobil and other major offshore operators.

Allister Atkinson

Allister Atkinson

Sales & Scotland

A Graduate of Psychology at Cardiff University. Allister worked previously as a tenant support officer at Taff housing, one of the largest housing associations in Wales. He can be contacted for any sales inquiries.
Phone: 0115 906 1325

Martin Hunt

Martin Hunt

Public Relations

Martin of Scottish PR firm Tartan Silk one of Scotland’s most progressive and respected public relations companies has been supporting Bluerad and their Blueproof product range for over two years.
In that time he has identified and implemented several B2C and B2B campaigns with a specific emphasis on Political engagement.
For all media enquiries please direct these to
T +44 131 557 0341
M +44 7767 401760

Pete Wignall

Pete Wignall

Client Liaison

Retired from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service after 31 years service, 26 years operational firefighting and command experience including 10 years as Fire Investigation Officer and 19 years as Fire Protection Officer.
Pete is committed to the promotion of life safety and property protection provided by automatic fire protection systems, contributing to the work of the National Fire Sprinkler Network and CFOA in this field.

Trevor Molyneux

Trevor Molyneux

Materials Manager

A member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC), before now, he’s worked mostly in the oil and gas industries. Trevor’s main role in the development of the Blueproof device was to ascertain the optimum plastic to use.

Bluerad LLP is made up of a team of dynamic individuals with experience from many different spheres including engineering and the oil industry. Above is a list of our core team members.

Our Vision

‘To shield people from fire by providing locally produced means.’

Our Mission Statement

‘Our mission is to enhance the well being of the world, habitat and cultural heritage with a defence against fire.’

Our Experience

        • With personnel expertise spanning two centuries, in diverse industries and soon to be represented in more than 90 countries, Bluerad is uniquely positioned to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges in the area of Fire Prevention.
      • For more than 30 years, Bluerad personnel have brought world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace through innovative products, materials and services. Our market-driven innovation introduces the most significant breakthrough in active fire protection in over 200 years; soon to be serving markets as diverse as: agriculture, nutrition, electronics and communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel.
      • Today, Bluerad LLP is proud to build on this heritage by partnering with others to tackle the unprecedented challenges in social, environmental and protection now facing our world. With global population expected to approach nine billion by 2050, Bluerad LLP is working with customers, governments, banks and thought leaders to discover solutions to life’s toughest challenge; that posed by exposure to fire to homes, accommodation and transport.
      • Together, we believe we can provide enough protection for people everywhere, decrease dependence on the emergency services, and protect people and the environment for generations to come.
      • We look forward to what this third century of science and innovation will bring to the world.

Quality Statement

In order to satisfy the Project Quality Objectives it is Bluerad LLP Policy to implement a fully functional Quality Management System (QMS) that:

        • Is developed in accordance with the elements of ISO 9001:2008;
      • Meets the requirements of the Shareholders expectations;
      • Ensures the Technical Integrity of the work through the use of documented processes;
      • Is supported by an established independent Quality organisation;
      • is supported by a functioning audit programme that effectively measures and verifies compliance throughout the lifecycle of the Project and continually improves the effectiveness of the QMS.

Corporate Statement

To achieve business success in all that we do, continuously strive to improve our Health, Safety, Security and Environmental performance now and into the future. To this end, Bluerad LLP will maintain the highest possible standards and not compromise in the areas of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental stewardship.

Bluerad LLP is committed to:

        • Managing all activities and projects through their life cycles in a way that protects safety and health and minimises impacts on the environment;
      • Managing HSSE matters in the same manner as our other business activities;
      • Creating a culture in which Bluerad employees and our Contractors share those commitments;
      • Playing a leading role in promoting ‘best practice’ in all our activities;
      • Promoting sustainable development (SD) principles to improve our performance;
      • Make Public and report our performance;
      • In this way we aim to have an HSSE performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence of our workforce, shareholders and society at large and therefore be a good partner in all communities in which we work.

All Divisions shall:

        • Have a systematic approach to HSSE management ensuring compliance with applicable country Laws, by-laws or other local laws, standards and to achieving continuous performance improvement;
      • Assess HSSE risks and take appropriate and timely action to reduce risks and hazards to health, safety and environment to levels which are ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP) as part of normal business;
      • Provide the appropriate level of competent people and other resources to do the job;
      • Measure and set targets for improving HSSE performance;
      • Ensure all Contractor selection and their HSSE management is in line with this policy;
      • Include HSSE performance in staff appraisals and develop skills accordingly;
      • Ensure that HSSE and SD is the responsibility of all managers, teams and individuals;
      • Bluerad LLP will support any member of staff (Company and Contractor) who requests that work should cease if that or any person objectively assesses the work to be a threat to their safety, the environment or they believe themselves to be in circumstances of imminent and serious danger.

D. D. Atkinson Technical Director