Blueproof provides a solution to domestic fires associated with washing machines, dishwashers or tumble dryers.

The recent spate of fires that have been attributed to domestic appliances is causing widespread concern. However, a simple and effective solution has been found by Bluerad. Simply attach Blueproof to the back of the machine and it will offer your property unique protection against appliance fires.

Blueproof is a fire suppression device made out of a high tech copolymer smart material that is designed to release water where and when it is needed most in a fire.
Designed with a thin wall, the device forms a nozzle on the surface closest to the heat source and upon activation releases water and tracks the movement of the fire. The water expands to create vapour, absorbing the energy of the fire and thus reducing temperatures and holding back the spread of fire.

Washing machine 1.jpeg

Washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers are often located under work surfaces and in concealed positions which other fire suppression devices cannot reach. The simple, unpowered self-targeting Blueproof device is an effective solution to this problem.

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Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said “More needs to be done to protect consumers from this risk and it is crucial that products known to be dangerous are recalled as quickly as possible.”
Between 2011 and 2014, washing machines accounted for 1,723 fires, whilst tumble dryers accounted for 1,456 and dishwashers were closely behind at 1,324 fires.
Dave Atkinson, the founder of Bluerad and co-inventor of BlueproofTM said “our device, which has until now been mostly recommended for radiators, has been adapted for easy application to the water supply feeding domestic appliances.”
Blueproof is available online from and can be fitted easily by most DIY enthusiasts.

Watch blueproof in action in our original fire house demonstration.

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