Concours Lepine 2017

British low pressure domestic mist system Blueproof has won the first prize for innovation at the prestigious Concours Lépine International Competition in Paris. This annual competition, which has been running for 116 years, honours the finest inventions from all over the world; in 2017 there were more than 2000 applications.

Concours Lepine 2017 logo

Concours Lepine 2017 logo

Blueproof won the first prize from the Préfet de Police, the authority of the Home Secretary and the institute responsible for safety throughout Paris. To be recognised by Préfet de Police is a huge accolade to Blueproof, acknowledging how important the low pressure mist system is in protecting lives.

Inventor Dave Atkinson said “This accolade demonstrates the importance of our low cost fire suppression device in home safety, and on behalf of my team we are thrilled to be recognised by the most prestigious global award for innovation.”

Blueproof is designed to satisfy both BS 9991:2015 for fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings and BS 8458:2015 for fixed fire protection systems. Residential and domestic watermist systems.

Blueproof, which holds a CE mark, is made out of a high tech copolymer smart material that is designed to release water where and when it is needed most in a fire. Fitting onto most radiators, Blueproof is designed with a thin wall that forms a nozzle on the surface closest to the heat source, and upon activation releases water and tracks the movement of the fire. The water expands to create vapour, absorbing the energy of the fire and thus reducing temperatures and holding back the spread of fire.

With no power supply required, Blueproof uses water already in place in radiators, hence it is like having a personal firefighter in every room in your house. Homeowners can install their own Blueproof devices to radiators using the instructions provided that are also available on this website.

Concours Lepine 2017 certificate

Blueproof certificate Concours Lepine 2017


Blueproof is already installed in over 30,000 homes in the UK. Winning the ALARM product of the year award in 2016, it is becoming an integral part of fire protection in the home and was presented to the Scottish Parliament where it received much commendation.


  • In official full-scale fire tests, lowered the temperatures by hundreds of degrees within 60-90 seconds of activation.
  • Blueproof tests show that just a small quantity of water at the onset of a fire is very significant in slowing fire progress.
  • Each day in Europe 12 people die and over 100 are injured in house fires.
  • London Fire Brigade figures show there were 684 fires in high rise flats in 2014.
  • In the UK insurers pay – £3.6 million every day for damage caused by fires.
  • Many people die each year because the battery in their smoke alarm is flat or missing. Blueproof needs no power or testing. 50% of dwelling fire fatalities in Scotland during 2014 had smoke alarms fitted.
  • Blueproof prevents “flashover” – making firefighters’ jobs much safer.

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