In the past two years, Blueproof has been developed, refined and tested. From the beginning we looked at materials, colours, shape and have refined and developed the product until it’s at its best.

As well as R&D we have carried out extensive testing in EU-approved facilities. The results exceeded all our expectations.

The next task is telling people about this truly innovative device and making sure that anyone who wants to get Blueproof installed can!

Recently one of Blueproof’s  two inventors, Clive Atkinson, was interviewed by his local newspaper, The Nottingham Post. Read the story here.

Blueproof extended test footage on BBC midlands today

More test footage on YouTube

That set the cat among the pigeons. The website and our social media were inundated with reactions, questions and requests to receive a sample and be a “trial user”. To be eligible for the trial you must be a resident of Nottinghamshire county, if you are resident please apply though our website email service.

Then, that newspaper feature caught the attention of eagle-eyed TV journalists at the local BBC station and they ran a feature. That set an even bigger cat into an even bigger group of pigeons.

We are now getting interest from a huge range of people, organisations and companies. Those who want to have the security and safety of Blueproof in their own homes, builders, plumbers and people associated with fire safety products who want to become suppliers to organisations who have responsibility for community safety.

For instance, did you know that all fire brigades in the UK now have a unit concerned with Community Safety?  These units operate proactively to prevent fires breaking out in the first place, rather than re-actively fighting fires once they occur.  For many years people have been able to get free smoke alarms installed in their dwellings by firemen but this Community Safety remit goes a lot further. People known to be especially “at risk” from fire – the elderly, disabled, drink and drug users (who tragically often sleep through their smoke alarms), battered wives, and others are all monitored and offered protective help.

It’s units like these, plus housing associations, councils, “social landlords” the NHS who want to keep elderly people in their own homes if they can and other similar organisations that we are hearing from now because they recognise that protecting vulnerable groups is a challenging and never-ending process. By installing Blueproof devices, they are protecting not only the lives of the people who live in their properties but also the properties themselves.

A recent UK Government survey revealed that more than a million homes in England do not have a smoke alarm installed. Further, people aged between 18 and 24 were nearly twice as likely as older people not to have one. And though smoke alarms are great at doing what they do, they need testing every week – but only 12% of people do. Plus, in communal properties alarms get tampered with or removed.

Once Blueproof is in, it’s in. And it’s tamper proof making it ideal against vandals.

Nearly 400 people still die in house fires in the UK every year. Blueproof can help stop that happening.

Insurance companies pay out an eye-watering £3.6 million every day for fire damage.  Blueproof can prevent that damage (and expenditure) from happening as well. Spending the relatively small amount it takes to install Blueproof devices can save owners, landlords, taxpayers’ and you, in potentially reduced premiums much greater amount of money, as having the devices’ protection from fire, prevents buildings from being damaged or destroyed.

So be sure to get your Blueproof off amazon today.

We’ve left no stone unturned to make Blueproof as perfect as it can possibly be. We have had help and advice from experts all over the world, for which we are eternally grateful.


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