Blueproof is manufactured by Dataplastics in Oxford UK.

Dataplastics operate to BS EN IS0 9001-2008, 13485-2003 and 14001-2004 across their company and continually monitor quality issues with a process of continual improvement.


Click the logo to visit their website.Their clients include Rolls Royce, Smiths Aerospace and Medical, Honeywell, Perkins Engine.


Pressure Testing Seetru (Bristol UK)

Pressure testing was undertaken in accordance to the requirements of British Standards, ISO, ASME the European Pressure Directives, Russian GOST and RTN, Canadian CRN at Seetru.

Each prototype was pressure tested at 15 C and 75 C to failure.


Click the logo to visit their website.

The maximum pressure is 14 bar or 188.5494 psi the highest pressure of a conventional heating system is 3 bar.


Obsessive attention to quality.

A safety critical system has to work; there is no question about it. It has to meet the highest levels of quality.
Blueproof works directly off your home water distribution systems. But it can come off the water mains so the selected material cannot under perform.

We are working to ISO 9001 through the concept development to ensure rigorous quality levels at all times.

Blueproof is made from the best available materials to suit the service. The result is a level of precision that has to be right in terms of design and moulding.
It is being externally tested to meet the testing requirements throughout the world: GOST in Russia, ASME in the USA, ISO etc. We cannot compromise on materials quality or codes and safety standards.

Dataplastics, BRE and Seetru actively engaged in the project hold the highest levels of Quality Management.
They each hold ISO9001 is by far the world’s most established quality framework and is used by hundreds of thousands of organisations all over the globe.

Certification to ISO 9001 Approval of a quality management system demonstrates that a company’s internal quality systems and processes are in place and operating as intended. That is the selection criteria Bluerad have applied to all aspects of the project.
We needed this level of quality, not just for your safety, but also to ensure the integrity of Blueproof.

The Bluerad integrated Health Safety Environment and Quality management system, drafted by our highly specialized Quality Management team, is being followed in everything we do.