Blueproof caught the attention at The Scottish Parliament for The Cross Party Group on Accident Prevention and Safety Awareness.

At the recent Cross Party Group for Accident Prevention and Safety Awareness meeting, Allister Atkinson, son of the inventor of Blueproof, was invited to introduce Blueproof to the invited audience.

He informed them on how Blueproof a revolutionary fire suppressant device, developed by Bluerad, not only fights fires but for the first time in the history of fire suppression products, reduces the amount of toxic smoke and fumes.

Clare Adamson MSP convenor of The Cross Party Group welcomed Allister in her opening remarks and encouraged attendees to examine the product at the end of the meeting.

Blueproof has recently been installed in a £3m refurbishment of three tower blocks in Nottingham with Blueproof being fitted in the flats as part of the city’s fire safety measures, while work was already being undertaken to replace radiators. Unlike smoke alarms and sprinklers, the device does not require a power supply. Once in place it brings a new level of fire safety and protection to the residents.

Blueproof is proven to follow the movement of a fire and reduce temperatures not only in the room in which it activates, but also in stairwells and on upper floors. It uses water from inside the radiators to limit fire spread and enhance the likelihood of escape and evacuation.

Allister Atkinson following the meeting said, “The enthusiasm that is being show for Blueproof particularly towards the safety of those in vulnerable homes is very encouraging, with interest from throughout Scotland and the recent Landlord’s Day. ”

Blueproof has already been fit into many homes and businesses across the UK. If you sign up to our newsletter you will receive a special Christmas discount code on Blueproof to use on our Webshop. This will give your love ones the best protection against fire, and allow you to receive the best price possible on Blueproof over the holiday season.