Leicester Fire and Rescue

Type of construction

Edwardian House

Rooms 12

Product used

Blueproof ®



Fire Engineer



Leicester Fire and Rescue

Additional fire protection Enhances the safety of vulnerable persons home against self-inflicted arson

Additional Fire protection was added during 2015 to a vulnerable persons home. The threat to self harm by the resident gave cause for concern with a real threat of arson. Based on cost benefit analysis and performance Blueproof was fitted throughout the property to meet ALARP and provide protection. Blueproof was selected due to the residents not being confined to a single room in the property. to it being non intrusive and be fitted in minutes.

Why not sprinklers?

Cost Following the findings of BRE that a sprinkler system would not be cost effective and that space for the installation of pumps was at a premium with water supply to the property requiring larger pipes to be laid from the outside supply main.

Why not fine mist?

Cost currently £2000 + per room. Difficulty in establishing movement of a resident between rooms during the day established each room would require separate coverage.

To date: No leaks or failures

How did Bluerad help?

Concern was raised as the resident had previous a history of self harm and arson. The property had a number of rooms which the resident used during the course of the day. To install a single portable system to be relocated by the resident was deemed impractical. The demonstration of Blueproof at the Nottingham Fire and Rescue training Center at Ollerton with representatives of the Fire and Rescue Services satisfied the criteria for mobility of the resident based on Fire Risk Analysis the Blueproof device contributed to As Low As Reasonably Practicable ALARP. The residents is protected 24/7/365

Why Blueproof?

  • Uses the existing water distribution system
  • Is non intrusive and blends into any layout
  • Is CE 0038 marked for fire fighting pipework under the Pressure Equipment Directive PED verified by Lloyds
  • Enables the buildings to satisfy ALARP
  • Powerless and maintenance free
  • 20+ year lifecycle

What is the CE mark?

Signifies that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Comply with the requirements of ISO.