Jevon Snell

Type of construction


Product used

Blueproof ®


N/A (Local Builder)

Fire Engineer




Additional fire protection Enhances the safety within Loft Extension

Additional Fire protection was added during 2015 to a loft extension. Under the building regulations no extra measures were required however the client was concerned at the fire risk to the property and radiators were readably available. Based on cost benefit analysis and performance Blueproof enabled the property to meet ALARP. Blueproof was put forward due to it being non intrusive and could be fitted in minutes.

Why not sprinklers?


Why not fine mist?

Cost per room currently £2000 +

To date

No leaks or failures

How did Bluerad help?

Bluerad communicated with the Local Authority Building Control on behalf of the client and undertook a teaching exercise. The inspector was under the impression that all active fire suppression systems had to have British Standard BS to achieve acceptance. Blueproof falling under ISO satisfied these requirements.

Based on the layout of the existing radiators within the rooms it was established that a clear line of sight was available that did not impede the performance of Blueproof and due to its self targeting ability over a distance of 10 m all areas would be adequately covered. Fire damage had been a major concern of the client. Once Bluerad had been given the go-ahead it was found that the installation took minutes to complete.

The family is protected 24/7/365 and the property has now been protected throughout by Blueproof.

Why Blueproof?

  •  Uses the existing water distribution system
  • Is non intrusive and blends into any layout
  • Is CE 0038 marked for fire fighting pipework under the Pressure Equipment Directive PED verified by Lloyds
  • Enables buildings to satisfy ALARP in compliance with law
  • Powerless and maintenance free
  • 20+ year lifecycle

What is the CE mark?

Signifies that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Comply with the requirements of ISO.