Housing Association

Type of construction

New build accomodation

Total Number of dwellings

1500 family homes


4 persons flats

1 person General needs flats

Product used

Blueproof ®

Fire Engineer



Local Authorities

Additional fire protection Enhances the safety of New Builds for Housing associations

Housing associations have a goal to make a difference every day in the eyes of their tenants and leaseholders. They are generally passionate about delivering outstanding services. Protecting the lives of their clients being of paramount importance. Many housing associations are in the process of making it mandatory to fit Blueproof active fire protection to their new builds. Following previous fires in their properties it has been found that the cost of rehousing the residents, smoke and water damage far outweighed the installation costs of Blueproof.

Based on cost benefit analysis and performance the properties now meet ALARP. It costs over £6,000 to rehouse a family after a fire according to Shelter.

Blueproof was selected based on cost and performance, being non intrusive and fitted in minutes. Hardly anyone considers a fire as a real and constant threat, taking the necessary measures to avoid it Blueproof provides those means.

How did Bluerad help

Bluerad demonstrated Blueproof at the Nottingham Fire and Rescue training Center at Ollerton with representatives of NCH. What was proven was that the device reduced the temperatures throughout a 4 storey building and reduced the quantity of smoke. Smoke and water damage had been a major concern during previous fires. Once Bluerad had been given the go-ahead NCH maintenance department found that the installation took minutes to complete.

Due to its 20 year lifecycle replacement and maintenance were found to be negligible.

All family’s and residents are now protected 24/7/365.

Why Blueproof?

  • Uses the existing water distribution system
  • Is non intrusive and blends into any layout
  • Is CE 0038 marked for fire fighting pipework under the Pressure Equipment Directive PED verified by Lloyds. The only active fire protection system to comply.
  • Enables the buildings to satisfy As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)
  • Powerless and maintenance free
  • 20+ year lifecycle

What is the CE mark?

Signifies that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Meeting the requirements of ISO.