Ecohomes Ltd

Type of construction


Product used

Blueproof ®


Mike Seibert

Fire Engineer



Local Authority

Additional fire protection Enhances the safety within House of Multiple Occupation

All living spaces

protected By Blueproof ®

Additional Fire protection was added during 2015 to a home of multiple occupation.  Under the building regulations extra measures were required subject to the Fire Risk Assessment. Based on cost benefit analysis and performance Blueproof enabled the properties to meet As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) as allowed under the regulations as an alternative means of active fire suppression.

Blueproof was put forward due to it being non intrusive and could be fitted in minutes.

Why not sprinklers?

During the fire at the Rosepark fire it was confirmed by BRE that a sprinkler system would not have contained or stopped the fire in which 14 residents died.

Why not fine mist?

Cost per room currently £2000 +

To date: No leaks or failures