Common Thread

Type of construction

Children’s Schools

2 Falkirk

1 Inverness

Product used

Blueproof ®

Fire Engineer



Local Authority

All areas protected By Blueproof ®

Additional fire protection Enhances the safety within Vulnerable Children’s Schools

Common Thread is a company committed to excellence and seriously improving opportunities for children in the care system. They are resolute in challenging unacceptable practices and perceptions and experienced in successful partnership working. Protecting the lives of children under their care is paramount.

Additional Fire protection was added during 2015 to their children’s schools. The threat of self inflicted arson from vulnerable children under their care was found to be threat on case history.

The cost of relocating the children was deemed to be excessive and have psychological implications. Based on cost benefit analysis and performance Blueproof enabled the properties to meet ALARP.

Blueproof was put forward due to it being non intrusive and could be fitted in minutes. Psychological trials were ran over one year to ensure that the children were not impacted by its installation. Why not sprinklers? During the fire at the Rosepark care home it was confirmed by BRE that a sprinkler system would not have contained or stopped the fire in which residents died. Sprinklers are not function tested to ensure adequate coverage or can spray into storage areas like Blueproof.

How did Bluerad help?

Bluerad had demonstrated and proven Blueproof at the Nottingham Fire and Rescue training Center at Ollerton with representatives of housing associations. It was also proven that the Blueproof device reduced the temperatures throughout a 4 storey ventilated building and reduced the quantity of smoke.

The results were provided. The threat of fire was a major concern due to the nature of the behaviour of the children and younger persons under care. A study and trial was undertaken to assess the impact. Once Bluerad had been given the go-ahead Common Thread maintenance department found that the installation took minutes to complete. All schools are now protected 24/7/365

Why Blueproof? 

  • Uses the existing water distribution system
  • Is non intrusive and blends into any layout
  • Is CE 0038 marked for fire fighting pipework under the Pressure Equipment Directive PED verified by Lloyds
  • Enables the buildings to satisfy ALARP
  • Powerless and maintenance free
  • 20+ year lifecycle

 What is the CE mark? 

Signifies that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Comply with the requirements of ISO.